The Blue Moxie Duo happened by accident. Al booked a show for another project they were involved in. After working really hard to get into this venue, Al and Kelly just couldn't cancel the show when their guitar player was unable to commit to the date. Al, who normally plays bass and hasn't picked up a guitar for almost 20 years, grabbed Kelly's acoustic and started working on a rough set list. They just needed enough material to get through the night. They worked on it for two straight weeks and managed to pull off what seemed impossible. Afterwards, they decided to work on tightening up their sound, adding interesting new music and booking themselves as a duo. After much thought and consideration, they came up with the name Blue Moxie. It is said that the color blue has many soothing effects, while also representing a calm and steady strength, and to have moxie means you have guts. Blending these two words together was a perfect fit for what Al and Kelly  managed to accomplish in such a short period of time. They performed over 100 shows in one short year.


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